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The Planning Board reviews those applications for projects in the Village for which the Village Code requires review.  


Applications must be completed and submitted to the Village in order to be considered by the Planning Board.  The deadline for submission of an application to be considered on a specific monthly meeting is four (4) weeks prior to that meeting date.

Robert Mastrantoni
Term: 5-year term, expires 4/2016
Patricia Dow
Board Member
Term: 5-year term, expires 4/2016
Dan Wolfield
Board Member
Term: 5 year term, expires 4/2018
Dean Howland
Board Member
Term: Expires 4/2014
Charles Luke
Board Member
Term: Expires 4/2014
Walt Adams
First Alternate Member
Term: Expires: 4/2017
This calendar contains the listing of important dates related to projects for the Planning Board.
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